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Unsere Lösungen und Produktreihe der Daten Integration besteht aus den verschiedensten Connectoren für jedes Integrationsszenario. Zusätzlich ist die Apsara Consulting GmbH auch stark im SAP Consulting und Salesforce Consulting Bereich vertreten.

Daten Integration SKYVVA Lösungen

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ERP Connect

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Any Connect

Mit SKYVVA Any Connect kann jede Daten Integration von Typen…

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Middleware Connect

SKYVVA wird gerne zusätzlich zu der bestehenden Middleware…

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E-Mail Connect

Externe Geschäftspartner oder Mitarbeiter im Home Office, die keinen Zugang…

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Cloud Connect

Unser Cloud Connect Pack verbindet jede Art von Cloud-Applikation…

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HTTP Connect

Die Bedeutung von Webservern bzw. HTTP-Servern ist klar…

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Data Loader

Der Free Data Loader bietet Ihnen die sofortige Nutzung Ihrer…

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Custom Connect

Hier können Ihre kundenspezifischen Anforderungen gemäß…

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Daten Integration SKYVVA Kunden Referenzen
We were looking around to find a solution for automatic data processing to our database and we come across SKYVVA as it was mentioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and voted as Gartner Cool Vendor 2012. We built different data synchronization scenarios between our database and Salesforce in both direction. There is no more data inconsistency between our legacy and Salesforce Cloud.

Building interface takes few hours instead of days. Graphical mapping editor allow you to transform data without coding. If you need complex business transformation use Salesforce formula. It’s easy and provide all kind of function you need to do data transformation. We need not worry about governor limit as SKYVVA is smart enough to handle this for you (as the are on Force.com platform). All data sync. pattern are supported (e.g. synchronous, batch or BULK mode).

What we love is the message board and and end-to end monitoring capability. This is really helpful in case of troubleshooting errors. You can do payload based search to find all the messages that were sent as updates for a key field. You can find out the root cause for any error occurred in minutes instead of days. This is what cuts your OPEX cost!
Srinivas DavuluriDealtrack
We have successfully connect many our customer from database source, file, ftp to Salesforce using SKYVVA Data Connect. With Click & Point we are able in hours to set interfaces live. The graphical mapping tool allow us to do complex business data transformation using Salesforce formula and if even use apex code to get data from anywhere with any complex logic.

What is amazing and save a lot of cost is the message monitoring capability of SKYVVA Data Connect. It help you to find out errors in minutes instead of hours or days. If something goes wrong you don’t need any more to dig into the Salesforce Debug Log and search for cryptic error description or exception. The message board show you the message content and all the error which occurs during integration. You can find easily the root cause, correct the data and do reprocessing.

This is the real power of SKYVVA in comparison to other tool which just only use data pushing and no error handling, monitoring and reprocessing functionality is out of the box to support your daily integration operation.
Support is excellent too. Just put a mail to Skyvva support and you are helped in a very short time.
Suraj SoodSalesfix
SKYVVA´s Integration Cloud App makes the traditional middleware approach obsolete and lays the foundation for a service oriented architecture. With cloud managed integration services we could take advantage of the business value of cloud computing also for integration which was considered a costly, time consuming and risky task in the past. With pre built integration apps, time-to-value is quick and complexity cost is low even when integrating SAP.
Reiner SchilderGemalto M2M
I was able to import data for multi-tier custom objects in one shot and it only took me an hour or so to build. The VLOOKUP function made it all very easy. In the past it would have taken me days! Plus – the support was fantastic. When I did have a question the response was fast and easy to understand.
Mike OverdorfSycamore Company